Nico Luce Yoga



Nico is not only a phenomenal yoga teacher. His breadth of knowledge on philosophy and history is remarkable. With his own twist and love of the subject he is able to captivate us with his enthusiasm amd stories. I would recommend his teachings to anyone considering his training. His warmth and genuine personality has been pivotal in my life, on my journey to becoming a yoga teacher.

Carolyn Wong

As a Doctor I can confirm his excellent knowledge of anatomy and bio mechanics which served to make his teaching of Yoga safe, intelligent and purposeful while still infusing this with traditional yogic principles. history and philosophy which gives great depth to the learning.
I learnt a LOT (some of the Anatomy lecturers at Med School could learn a thing or two from Nico !!!-He is really good!)
Nico is also a gifted communicator, always managing to color his teaching with a great story!

Why do I think this TT is special? Nico has got it sorted in terms of not just WHAT he is teaching but WHY, And that it isn't about HIM! 
He does not teach with ego or as a self serving pursuit, his focus is THE TEACHING. This current runs like an underground stream throughout the training-the ethos, the boundaries and the integrity are all very apparent. And if you ask me what is the most compelling thing about the course, it is this; as implicitly, it asks the same of us!

Beena Hegde

I just recently completed the 200 hour training with Nico in Savigny. As anticipated, I enjoyed every minute and every day more and more as the modules unfolded. Nico has truly managed to capture the "Art of Teaching Yoga" in every way. Thorough anatomy, philosophy, asana, teaching methodology and sequencing.

I've known Nico personally as a friend and as a teacher for many years. He's always managed to inspire me with his excitement for the practice and his wisdom of the teachings. He's down to earth, funny and honest. He seems to know just what to say and makes sense of it all..

I had such a great experience with this teacher training and I can't recommend this training enough.

Nadia Nunes

Nico’s 200-hour Teacher Training course is easily the best the training course of any variety I have ever done. In every aspect of yoga and the art of teaching, Nico has the necessary depth of knowledge, the skill with which to convey that knowledge clearly, and the sensitivity to do so with gentleness, humour, generosity and humility.

What made the course especially outstanding was Nico’s flair for imparting philosophical wisdom. His story-telling, too, is captivating, and his presentation of the academic elements is concise and clear. The principles covered in the anatomy section have been carefully selected for their relevance to the practice and teaching of yoga.

Nico guides his students towards finding their own voice, language and expression as teachers, while providing a clear framework for teaching methodology. His emphasis on sequencing gives students a thorough, practical understanding of how to construct classes, which frees them to design their own.

Nico’s course is a journey into the soul of yoga. For a profound and poignant voyage like this, who’da thunk we’d have so much fun?!!

If you have an opportunity to study with Nico, don’t hesitate.

Juliette MacIver

Time to review Nico from a boy’s perspective!

My (objective) experience with Nico: 3x retreats, 2x workshops, 1x 200h teacher training (2016, Lausanne).

Men, don’t let your sister/daughter/wife/mother/grandmother go to one of Nico’s events!!! No - GO WITH HER! That’s what I did as a +/- yoga beginner. Now my training-with-Nico-curriculum grows every year. Why?

Nico has the rare ability to challenge and inspire my body and mind at the same time. His classes are physically demanding (for all levels), accompanied by passion and fun, flavoured with an inspiring theme for the time on the mat as well as for your daily life. He turns his knowledge of anatomy, yoga philosophy and hatha-vinyasa yoga into art, because he has embodied all these teachings, and because he Loves yoga and teaching yoga. I’m grateful for having found Nico on planet yoga.

Lukas Ebneter

I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and have experienced all sorts of yoga and all sorts of teachers, but Nico's spirit is a special one - very unique. After taking just one class with him, I knew that he was the sort of teacher, and person, that I wanted to learn from, so I started going to some of his workshops around Europe and then signed up for his 200 hour teaching training that he did with his wife Chloe last year in Lausanne. 

I had done a 200 training before, but this one was so thoughtful, so in-depth and so inspiring. I learned so much about yoga and about myself, and in such a nuturing, ego-free environment. Nico's passion for yoga and for life is infectious and I cherish every moment that I get to practice with him.

Alicia Anka