300hr teacher training in Ticino


Michela Montalbetti & Nico Luce



Michela Montalbeti

Michela is a surfer, a traveller, a multilinguist and a singer. She grew up in a family interested in eastern philosophy and spirituality, her parents were attending yoga classes back in the 70ies. Yet it took her a long time to find her own path and it was only years later, that she discovered yoga in Zurich. It was love at the first sight, as a curious and passionate human being, finally she had found a home and a wholesome system to grow and to heal with.

After a first trip to India, she started teaching in 2011 when a friend asked her to. What begun as a way of helping a friend has quickly become a journey inside the journey, a way to give back with love a system in which she fully believes in. A couple of years later, the strong belief in this powerful tool and it’s mysteries made her quit her job as a translator in order to dive deep into the practice of yoga.

Today, as a 500 hr. registered teacher, Michela teaches full time and owns Casa Corvo, a beautiful little studio and retreat home in southern Switzerland. Her teaching style is personal as she studied with amazing teachers of different lineages, Iyengar, Forrest Yoga, Ashtanga, among others. Her students appreciate her warm-hearted yet strong classes infused with lightness, compassion, philosophical insights and a sense of humour. She teaches retreats, Teacher Trainings and workshops and is likely to spend the winter months in warm waters with waves. Surfing is part of her practice as much as being a student is. Michela is also a writer and translator, the search of the right wording and a very personal way of transmitting the essence of yoga is her contemporary homage in order to help and support every students to discover the profound healing wisdom of this ancient practices.

Training Location: Casa Corvo

Novaggio, Ticino, Switzerland


  • Module 1: SKILL IN ACTION ~ 60hr Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training, from October 26 to November 2, 2019

  • Module 2: THE YIN WAY ~ 60hr Yin Teacher Training, from April 18 to 25, 2020

  • Module 3: THE CORE CONNECTION ~ 60hr Pilates Teacher Training, dates to be announced.

  • Module 4: ROADS TO INFINITY ~ 60hr Meditation, Pranayama & Mantra Teacher Training, dates to be announced.

  • Practicums: To complete the training, once you have attended all 4 modules, you will join Nico in one of his retreats or trainings around the world to assist his classes and teach on your own a 90 minute class of any style of your choice presented in the program following feedback and recognition from the group. This 30hr practicum is free of charge and will be arranged directly with Nico in due time.