300 Hour Teacher Training

The 300 hour training carries on from where we left off in the 200 hour and takes the teachings to the next level. The main focus of the training is to give you the tools to become a versatile yoga teacher in this competitive industry, one that can facilitate classes in different styles that complement each other. In the process, the course deepens your understanding of anatomy, physiology, teaching methodology, sequencing, the subtle body and yoga philosophy. 

More importantly, besides the knowledge that you will acquire, our commitment is to help you become a solid teacher, with your own style and way to express yourself and in alignment with your core truths. In other words, so you can be the best version of yourself on and off the mat.

The course is a collection of carefully curated topics bound together with one goal in mind, to help you develop into a strong and skilful teacher and to empower you to rise to your highest potential.

The training is divided in 4 modules of 60 hours each spread over 8 days, plus 30 hours for the practicum. This way we complete the required 270 contact hours to receive the Yoga Alliance 300 hour accreditation. The modules can be taken in any order, in any city around the world where Nico offers them, you pay as you go and there is no need to commit for the whole program. The only requirement is that all three modules and practicum are completed within a three yer period since the start of the first module. The plan is as follow:

Each module of this training comes with it's own comprehensible manual and an in-depth guide on how to teach that particular style. We are also reading and discussing in group four classical eastern texts that align with each module. These texts are:

  • Module 1: The Bhagavad Gita

  • Module 2: The Tao Te Ching

  • Module 3: The Yoga Sutras

  • Module 4: The Ramayana

Upon the completion of this training you'll be entitled to apply for the 500 hour accreditation with Yoga Alliance.



upcoming modules of the 300 hour training in 2019 & 2020

As a Doctor I can confirm his excellent knowledge of anatomy and bio mechanics which served to make his teaching of Yoga safe, intelligent and purposeful while still infusing this with traditional yogic principles. history and philosophy which gives great depth to the learning.
I learnt a LOT (some of the Anatomy lecturers at Med School could learn a thing or two from Nico !!!-He is really good!)
Nico is also a gifted communicator, always managing to color his teaching with a great story!
Why do I think this TT is special? Nico has got it sorted in terms of not just WHAT he is teaching but WHY, And that it isn’t about HIM!
He does not teach with ego or as a self serving pursuit, his focus is THE TEACHING. This current runs like an underground stream throughout the training-the ethos, the boundaries and the integrity are all very apparent. And if you ask me what is the most compelling thing about the course, it is this; as implicitly, it asks the same of us!
— Beena Hedge