Fall Off and Try again ( and again)

My favorite yoga teacher was holding a workshop in Lausanne where I live. I had signed up for his class months before. I was very excited!

The workshop was on arm balancing, something I love to do. But over the 10 years I have been doing yoga, I have never been able to get up in a hand stand. I come very close, but being fully upside down just scares me for some silly reason.

Well, I was determined to do a hand stand in this class with world renowned yoga teacher, Nico Luce.

Nico beautifully wove throughout the 2 hour class a spiritual story of facing fears, I was so ready to do this hand stand!

The room was dimly lit full of sweaty yogini's.

I was upside down on my mat trying very hard to get into a hand stand. I was so close, centimeters away from getting my legs straight up by myself, (I can do it with a bit of help).

But I never did. 

At first I was very tempted to be seriously discouraged. But then at the very end of class Nico reminded us to just accept this present moment as it was and let go of any expectations we had had.

Yes. I sighed a deep breath and relaxed. It was ok that I did not get up into a hand stand. I will try again (and again and again if necessary). 

Many times we place upon ourselves expectations and then when things don't turn out as we had hoped we get depressed, upset or even angry at ourselves (or blame others).

But what if instead we just let go. We say, it is ok, and we move on (with a smile!) 

I think of little children learning to ride a bike. Sometimes it takes many, many attempts, but they always figure it out and usually with much joy throughout the process. They fall off and they get back on, no big deal.

As I walked home in the rain that evening after the workshop, I felt so peaceful, although a handstand was not in the cards for me that night, I learned an important lesson and for that I am so very grateful.

Gabrielle Harris