conflict in the middle east this is where i stand

There are no righteous wars,

There are no righteous killings.

There are no holy wars,

There is only holy Peace.

The holy land is right beneath our feet, anywhere we are.

God is one and this land was promised to all regardless of how we pray.

No to violence, no to domination, no to segregation, no to weapons, no to non-sense.

Tear down the wall, tear down your limitations, tear down your belief that the other is separate from you.

No excuses, no justifications., if you condone violence, you are part of the problem.

Violent thoughts lead to violent words, and these in turn lead to violent actions. 

If you want to change the world, change your mind.

Yes to Israel, Yes to Palestine, Yes to Israel & Palestine, Yes to Palestine & Israel.

It's simple, and although is not easy, it can be done. Look around, it's happening everywhere else.

One country, many religions.

One government, many races.

One place, many dreams.

One life, precious to all.

Gabrielle Harris