letter from your old teacher

I haven't seen you in a while, my dear student,

and there are so many things I would like to ask you.



I wonder if the time you spent in cultivating your body

has allowed you to accept its natural limitations.



I need to find out if the countless hours dedicated to meditation

have made it more comfortable for you to be alone.



I want to know if reciting the mantras

has created a deeper silence within yourself.



I'm yearning to hear if the precise techniques applied to following the breath 

have led you towards finding its source.



I'm curious to learn if this deeper connection with yourself

has made it easier for you to relate to others.



I hesitate to inquire if the power you've gained through your diligent practice 

has made you more humble.



I'm eager to see if you have let go of who you were when you started this journey

to become someone new.



For all this, please come my guru, and let me drink from the fountain of your experience 

to quench this thirst of the yoga that is so precious to our hearts.


Gabrielle Harris